Affordable Camping Mat Review – 2021

Affordable Camping Mat Review

We recently received a 4m x 2.4m Recycled Poly Camping Mat from Affordable Camping Mats, a company focused on sustainable, and environmentally friendly, quality camping mats for everyday Aussies.

The bag arrived within 2 days of being sent which is remarkable given we are in the Whitsundays. When packed it only weighed 4kg and the mat was inside a custom-made carry bag.

Our Test

For our test, we decided to take the mat to our local beach and see how it handled the sea spray, sand, and undulating ground. We fully expected to find some flaws with the mat, but were pleasantly surprised. In the past, we have had shade cloth style mats which allow for sand to fall through the holes. What we found with the shade cloth mats was the lack of comfort underfoot and a fabric that tended to ride up and this would sometimes cause a trip hazard.


Once I opened the Poly Mat from Affordable Camping Mats, I felt the difference in quality straightaway. The weave and density of the mat lends itself to a more comfortable feeling underfoot. The mat is non-slip and odour free in nature. Maintenance is easy, just wash it down with water when you get home, allow it to dry, and repack.


The double-stitched seams created a strong frame and importantly the eyelets are of a high quality. Once the mat is folded out, you can see defined folding lines which makes repacking the mat much easier. This is a well thought out and highly refined product that understands the needs of campers across Australia. This mat will work in the outback, on beaches, concrete slabs, and grass sites. It is lightweight and in my opinion very affordable.


For those of us concerned about the environment, they have got that covered too. The mats are reborn from recycled plastic waste and repurposed for use. Affordable Camping Mats have been the industry leads in poly mats and back their products with a solid 3 year warranty.


Product Range

Affordable Camping Mats offer 12 designs in different sizes ranging from 3m x 1.8m all the way up to 6m x 2.4m, and most sizes in between. The range includes printed images (Homestead, Outback, Morning Surf, Riding Home, and patterned mats). 

The mats sizes suit all needs from small teardrop campers, all the way up to large caravans and motorhomes. They even have mats to fit under a 3m x 3m pop-up gazebo.

If you are looking for a comfortable, eco-friendly, affordable camping mat then I suggest you call Paul on 0418 785 549 or visit www.affordablecamping.com.au


Priced from $140

Available online or at your local camping show

Ratings: Fit for purpose 5/5 – Value 5/5 – Warranty 5/5 – Service 5/5 – Overall Quality 4.5/5

Pros: Great quality mat with a good warranty

Cons: My bag tore the 1st time I used it, but it may have been my fault.


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