The RV Buyer's Guide - About Us

In 2020 we commenced our business as Camper Trailers and Hybrids. In  December 2022 we changed the name to reflect our core business model, the RV Buyer’s Guide.


We’ve owned different kinds of RVs across the past 3 decades and have a solid understanding of the customer journey many people face.


Like many of you out there who love RVs, we joined the various Facebook Groups, asked questions, scanned websites, and got confused. Every day hundreds of people ask the same questions, read biased posts and comments in Facebook Groups, and scan the dealer websites, wasting hours, days and weeks of valuable time.


What if there was a better way? Guess what, now there is …

This is why the RV Buyer’s Guide website is so popular with RV buyers

Like you, we are passionate about our 4WD, camping, and the great outdoors. Australia is home to some of the greatest 4WD tracks, remote camping locations, and scenery in the world. We have used swags, pop-up tents, dome tents, fast-frame touring tents, camper trailers, and more.


Several months ago, we began our journey to search, compare and shortlist a hybrid camper trailer for our future journey around Australia.


Here’s what happened …

It took us 6 months to research all the hybrid campers on the market, and we got confused, so we decided to make this process easier for everyone in our situation.

We tried building a spreadsheet, but we wanted to keep seeing images. We tried saving dealer websites as bookmarks. We even got dealers to send out brochures. The big issue was comparing all of these RV’s at once. Welcome to RV Buyer’s Guidea website built by campers for campers.

What is it?

The RV Buyer’s Guide website delivers a regular Camping Blog, Product Review Guide, and Video Content. In 2022, we added our official RV Buyers Guide (Magazine). The magazine uses technology that allows us to create ‘hotspots’ within the magazine. These hotspots allow readers to activate links, photos, or videos to enjoy a more immersive experience. The links allow readers to follow social media profiles, or visit the manufacturers’ websites.

We regularly prompt each manufacturer or dealer to tell us if they have changed the specifications or pricing on any of their RVs. If this is the case, we update the information in the magazine.

The owners, reviewers, and support team are passionate about the RV industry and have seen a huge growth spurt in the number of sales across Australia. Our concern, like many, was that the information was disjointed, cumbersome, and difficult to process. We found a lot of confused buyers out there, so we decided to step in and fill that void.