Getting the right Caravan Insurance

For many RV owners, getting the right Caravan Insurance is a real issue. Firstly, they need to pre-plan what their caravan/camper trailer, or hybrid camper experience will look like. For example, will they travel full-time or part-time? Will they stay on the black-top or find some red dust and epic hill climbs?


The first step is to choose an insurance policy that fits your camping lifestyle. The next step, is to ensure that the small print (in the PDS) meets your expectations. The PDS spells what is covered and what isn’t covered. Make sure you understand it fully. Perhaps seek further advice if needed before you sign up.


Reducing your Caravan Insurance Premiums

You can sometimes reduce your Insurance Excess by paying a slightly higher monthly premium. It’s not worth it if you have an RV under $10,000 in our opinion. Most serious offroad RVs are usually tens of thousands and therefore it pays to look at the policy document and PDS carefully.


Consider whether you want to accept New for Old, Market Value or set an Agreed Value for your RV. The definition of each is shown below.


New for Old

This insurance policy will replace your old written-off RV with a brand new RV of the same make/model.


Agreed Value

A vehicle value agreed upon by both you and the insurer for the purpose of establishing a compensation limit (vehicle write-off). This value is usually fixed until the policy is subject to renewal.


Market Value

A vehicle valuation determined by market demand and sales, agreed upon for the purpose of establishing a compensation limit (vehicle write-off). This value takes into account the condition of the car based on its age, make and model.


Do your research on the value of your asset before choosing which option suits you. You may pay a higher rate for both New for Old, and agreed value policies, but at least you’ll get a payout that should replace the written off RV.

Some other points to consider

  • Did you know that you’ll pay much less for a static (on-site) RV, than an RV that is constantly on the move. If you have decided to purchase an RV and have it stored as a permanent holiday home, consider discussing this with your insurance company to minimize the policy repayments.

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  • Consider bundling your motor vehicle insurance policy with your RV policy. Sometimes you can get bundle discounts from the one provider. Only do this if their PDS meets your needs.
  • Make sure you cover your contents. Many insurance policies cover a small contents amount of $1,000, which is never enough to replace all the items you’d use on a daily basis. Also, look at towing and emergency accommodation fees and inclusions. You may have to stay in a remote area for some time while your claim is processed.
  • A slide-on camper is not usually included as part of the insurance policy. Most insurance companies consider a slide-on part of the main vehicle (where the driver is).
  • Most caravan insurance policies do not cover the annexe/awning. Make sure you include this in your policy beforehand in case it gets damaged. You don’t want to be finding an extra $3,000-$4,000 for a new annexe/awning setup.
  • See if your PDS will allow you to choose a preferred repairer of your choice.

Tip: Get a Certificate of Insurance before you pick up your new RV.

Caravan insurance claim

List of Insurance Companies

  • QBE
  • CGU
  • CIL
  • NRMA
  • YOUI
  • GIO
  • AAMI

This is not an exhaustive list. This represents only a handful of providers in the Caravan Insurance industry. We recommend getting a handful of quotes from a few providers.


Before you engage them for a quote, list down exactly what your RV value is, the details of it’s contents (incl. annexe/awnings), and your non-negotiable items in the policy.



Any advice provided is general only and insurance coverage is subject to the policy terms and conditions.  Underwriting eligibility criteria applies to insurance applications. You should read the PDS available.

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Specialist 4×4 Insurers

There are companies like Club 4×4 and even Youi, that focus on insuring 4×4 enthusiasts. You may pay a premium for this kind of insurance, however, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your 4×4, and offroad RV will be covered for roads less travelled.


If you have invested heavily in your 4×4 and have a hybrid camper trailer, then it is likely you’ll want to access locations like the Kimberley, Cape York, and the Victorian High Country.


Club 4×4 will include the modifications you’ve made to your 4×4, and take into account the true value of your 4×4 tow rig and offroad RV. To get a comprehensive quote, call their team on 1800 CLUB4x4 or try Youi on 1300 225 605.


We are not affiliated with any insurance company. We strongly suggest that you do your own research. Read the individual PDS documents, obtain quotes and compare the inclusions, exclusions and terms before you financially commit.


We hope to see you on the road. Enjoy your travels and stay safe from all the team at Camper Trailers and Hybrid Campers Australia.