Did you know, Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) translates to 'round boulders'?

The iconic Devil’s Marbles are believed by the Warmungu Aboriginal people to be the fossilized eggs of the Rainbow Serpent. These ancient boulders are located 100km south of Tennant Creek, and they are spread across the desert floor. Over millions of years, the marble’s have been eroded by the harsh winds and red sands. Some stand as tall as six metres. They are made from granite and are a sight to behold. This is definitely a stop-off point as you make your way to The Red Centre. There is an abundance of wildlife present and if you camp at the park campgrounds overnight, you’ll likely spot native fauna and birdlife.

Camp alongside the Devil’s Marbles

Camp at the Devils Marbles reserve overnight for a small national park camping fee and watch closely as the memorable scene of the marbles glow red and change colour in the early morning light and setting sun. It’s basic but it’s ideal for an overnighter or those that are more self-sufficient. Bring your camera Bring your camera to capture the drama of this awesome ancient landscape. Perhaps the most amazing part of the scene is that many of the huge stones are balanced on top of each other, seeming to defy gravity. Even today, they are continuously evolving in a constant stream of cracking and erosion. Walking Tracks There are no set walks around the Devil’s Marbles. Instead, there is simply a network of self-guided routes that take you around the eastern side of the reserve. As you stroll along the walkways, you’ll learn more about the geological wonder, like how it was formed, and how it has stood up against the elements for all this time. The reserve is now jointly managed with the traditional owners and Parks and Wildlife rangers. devil marbles campgroundWe travelled to Devils Marbles in April 2021, which is an ideal time to travel. The mornings are cool but once the sun rises, the temperatures rise to the mid 20’s and it’s pleasant. Make sure you visit at sunrise and sunset.


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