Foldaway Antenna Review

Foldaway Antenna Review

We received a Tallboy Foldaway Antenna from Terry at Foldaway Antennas on the Sunshine Coast. Terry is a proud Aussie manufacturer with over 30 years experience in this industry. His weath of knowledge, and attention to detail has meant that he can deliver an exceptional product for an affordable price.

For most campers, having a television is an unneccessary luxury. For those of us who still like the “GoggleBox”, having an easy to deploy, and reliable antenna is a must.

Our Foldaway Antenna Findings

The compact antenna comes in a cylinder carton and included a set of instructions, a 6m coaxial cable, wall bracket kit, and a 4 piece mast with Y shaped aerial. Overall the weight was under 4kg and packed easily into our front storage box on our Squaredrop Camper. Setting up was a breeze. For the sake of the test and time, we did not affix the antenna permanently onto our van. We connected the poles, and zip-tied the antenna mast to our van, then ran the coaxial cable directly to the TV. This particular antenna has been designed to suit pop-top vans, jayco campers, camper trailers, and other pop-up style campers. You can see below how the mounting kit affixes to an MDC XT-12 hybrid camper. The bracket is easy enough to mount and the wall plug allows you to run the coaxial cable directly through to your indoor TV. We decided that we prefer our TV to be outdoors under the awning, hence our choice. The amount of coaxial cable you are given gives to plenty of choice. Once you have your antenna mounted, simply plug-in the coaxial cable to the antenna post and begin tuning in your TV. If the signal is strong you’ll pickup digital channels easily. If you are in a weak signal area, Terry and the team at Foldaway Antennas offer a 12v signal amplifier/booster. Hot Tip: Download an Antenna/TV Signal finder app on your phone so you know where to position your antenna for best reception.

Our Conclusion

It was so easy, I didn’t have to read the instructions. The whole process took me less than 5 minutes to setup. I love how lightweight and robust this antenna is and the fact that Foldaway Antennas offer a solid 5 year guarantee tells me they trust in their Aussie-built antenna. foldaway antenna Overall Score – 95%
  • Build Quality – 100%
  • Price Point/Value: 90%
  • Support: 100%
  • Fit for Purpose: 90%
  • Ease of Use: 100%
Unit Price: from $139 (delivered) Visit website to make a purchase


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