Gasmate Watertech Hot Water System Review – 2021

Gasmate Watertech Hot Water System Review

Gasmate has been offering quality camping goods for many years and it’s no wonder that the Watertech model of their Hot Water Systems has become a firm favourite in the market.


Enjoy our great outdoors
all year round

Portable instant hot water on demand

Automatic Ignition

Starts when tap is turned on, stops when tap is turned off


Temperature display screen

Low Water Pressure

On startup


Easy to adjust temperature with multi-season mode


Use the carry handle for carrying or mounting

Safety systems

Flame failure safety system (gas will shut off if flame goes out) and low pressure safety system

IncludesWater heater, shower head, water hoses, filter and pump, power lead, gas hose and regulator
Gas certified

Gas certified to Australian Standards


Our Hot Water System Review

For our review, Gasmate sent us both the HWS and the matching Watertech stand. The delivery timeframe was fast, and the packaging was on point.

Gasmate includes all of the necessary pieces you need to get underway, except two Double D batteries for the piezo ignition. They even include plumbers tape to ensure you get a nice firm fit on the gas and water lines which is a crucial safety concern. Well done!

The unit itself weighs in at 5.2kg and the water flow is a comfortable 3L/minute. This is more than enough for a warm shower, washing the dishes, or rinsing off the sand from the beach.

The Watertech system has a summer and winter mode. These modes allow you to adjust gas and water flow to allow for the season. Why is this a great feature? Well, it means that in summer you don’t have to use as much gas and can have a cooler shower, while in winter mode, you will consume more gas and as a result, the water temperate will be more comfortable when it’s chilly outside.

The operation of the unit is simple once you get your head around it. You have 3 dials (gas flow, water flow, and the two modes). Other than this you have an LED temperature indicator and pilot light window. At the base of the unit, you clip on the gas line, 12v power cord, and water hoses. You’ll also find the on/off switch there as well.

What do you need to get started?

You’ll need 2 x DD Cell Batteries, 12v power, a Gas Cylinder, and a Fresh Water Source. We used our portable 12v Battery box for our test and our 9kg gas bottle.

Using the Hot Water System

Once you have fitted the plumbers’ tape to the unit, affix the hoses, gas line, batteries, and 12v power. Drop the pump into a water source and turn on the unit under the base. Adjust the 3 dials to suit your temperature preference and away you go. It’s that simple. If you don’t have the optional Watertech Stand, then use the built-in handle on the unit.

What you need:

  • 12v power source
  • gas bottle
  • 2 x DD Batteries
  • freshwater

The Watertech Stand is really handy to have. We like the fact you can peg the base down so little ones are less likely to knock-over the unit. The adjustable height and collapsible nature of the stand made it very user friendly. I’m 6 foot and my wife is 5 foot 4 inches. We had no issues with using this stand at all.

Our Summary

This is a solid portable gas hot water system and would suit campers that like to explore off-grid during winter and summer. You are always guaranateed hot water on demand without fuss. The stand is worth buying too. Gasmate offer a solid warranty and their customer support is fantastic.


The silicone hoses are a high quality and there is plenty of reach for taller people which has been thought of.


We tested this model: Watertech Portable Hot Water System (Model No. HWS0012) along with Watertech Shower Stand (Model No. HWS0023).

Overall Score – 95%

  • Build Quality – 100%
  • Price Point/Value: 90%
  • Support: 100%
  • Fit for Purpose: 95%
  • Ease of Use: 90%

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HWS from: $299
Stand: $39.90


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