Ground Grabba Review – 2022

Ground Gabba Review

Let’s face it, hammering in tent pegs is a chore best left to a young buck with plenty of energy! Over the past few years, I’ve chosen to slow down and simplify my camping setup times and overall setup experience.

The holy grail of ground anchors were the screw-in pegs. It is important to note that not all ground anchors are made the same. You can save a few dollars and buy an offshore anchor from Bunnings, or you can get serious and invest in a quality Australian-engineered ground anchor like the Ground Grabba.

The Ground Grabba anchors have been manufactured using heat-treated steel and galvanized to prevent rust or further damage. They offer a range of anchor sizes, fittings, and accessories. With anchor systems for sand, grass, rock, or gravel, they have the bases covered.

Ground Grabba offer a lifetime warranty. If you break it – they will replace it. In fact, here is an excerpt of their warranty wording:

You wear it out and we will also replace it! Return the broken or worn out item/s to us along with your proof of purchase from us and we will replace it for free….even if it is in ten years time, we are THAT confident in our products!

*Conditions apply

They really back their product which is rare nowadays! So let’s discuss our findings below.

Ground Grabba – Our Findings

We received 300/450 and 600mm, anchors, to test, along with the sand anchors. At the time of testing, we were in a caravan park on a slab site with grass surrounding us. We had a battery-operated drill, a 300mm auger bit, and the steel 300mm anchors. We compared these with a similar-sized standard steel peg and mallet. We set a stopwatch and tested our times. Here’s what we found.

When we started to hammer in a traditional 300mm steel peg the time was 24 seconds. The comparable time for the Ground Grabba was 20 seconds. Keep in mind that this included drilling a pilot hole with the auger, and swapping the auger out for the 19mm hex head to drill in the anchor. There was a 4 second saving per peg.

Now, this may not mean a lot, but here’s the kicker!

To remove the traditional steel peg took me 15 seconds and a lot of sweat and effort. The Ground Grabba 300mm anchor took 2 seconds and saved my back immensely.

Hot Tip: if your cordless drill has died, use the hex head on the hex hooks and manually wind the pegs into the ground, or grab a socket set, or wheel brace.

Our Conclusion

These ground anchors are bullet-proof. Throw away your old pegs and use the Ground Grabba anchors to secure your awning, van, car, or machinery. I’d trust my Ground Grabba’s to hold anything down in a North Queensland Tropical Storm. The upfront cost might scare some people, but the long-term savings, ease of use, and peace of mind are undeniable. They will be a solid investment for years to come.

Overall Score – 98%

  • Build Quality – 100%
  • Price Point/Value: 90%
  • Support: 100%
  • Fit for Purpose: 100%
  • Ease of Use: 100%

Unit Price: from $71.99 (Ground Grabba Pro 8pce kit)
Visit website to make a purchase


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