Overtaking Safely with an RV

Overtaking safely should be every travellers mantra. Overtaking, or being overtaken while towing a caravan is a lot different to a standard passenger vehicle, and extra time and caution must be taken to minimising any risk involved. Watch this video to learn how to safely overtake on your next journey.

We recommend that you make no swift movements. Plan your movements carefully, and only overtake if there is enough room ahead of the vehicle you wish to overtake. Ideally, it’s best to overtake a vehicle without having to speed up. Overtaking safely requires patience, and a good understanding of your vehicles capability, road conditions, and spatial awareness.

We recommend installing a UHF CB radio. If you have your radio set to UHF 18 then you can speak with other campers in your convoy. Channel 40 is used for highway traffic and trucks. If you need to purchase a new CD radio, check out our camping store.

Overtaking Safely – Road Etiquette

There is an unwritten rule that says drivers should maintain a speed of 90kph when towing. This is a falsehood. The speed a driver should be on is relevant to their experience, current traffic speed, road conditions, and weather conditions. Keep an eye on your towing mirrors and consider other traffic behind you. If you have a large tailback, use a rest-stop, or keep left in an overtaking lane to let others through.


Road incidents are usually caused by driver error. Driving too close to others, taking risks, being distracted, feeling tired, or worse. If you feel tired, take a break. In the event you find yourself being held up by slower-moving traffic, you might want to consider finding a safe place to pull over and have a break and a cuppa before continuing your journey.

Check out the UHF Channel List below:

Video and Content courtesy of RVSafe


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