Ammann ATR30 Rammer 29kg, 3 Year Warranty


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Ammann ATR30 Rammer 29kg, 3 Year Warranty. The ATR 30 is the lightest Ammann rammer on the market. The weight of 29 kg can be handled very easy especially in trenches and all job sites where a light weight and a small rammer foot have their biggest advantages. The rammer is empowered by a small Honda GX 35 petrol engine. Features and Benefits: 1. The Shoe Fits: Standard 130 mm foot Alternative with 80 mm shoe for work in tight trenches 2. Light Design: The ATR 30 rammer is with 29 kg one of the lightest on the market The compaction result is related to the mass outstanding due to the small rammer feet Handling of the rammer is easy 3. Open Handle: The handle is open. This means a good view on the rammer foot and also the rammer can be grabbed from all sides while working. The handle is also a good protection frame of all relevant components The access to the engine and all service points are easy so the service can be done fast    

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