Baintech 12V 95Ah Slimline Lithium Battery with 40A DC-DC Battery Charger, 5 Year Warranty


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Currently FREE with the Baintech 12V 95Ah Slimline Lithium Battery with 40A DC-DC Battery Charger is a Baintech DC 1.5m Anderson to Anderson Cable (RRP $33)! Product Description: Baintech 12V 95Ah Slimline Lithium Battery with 40A DC-DC Battery Charger, 5 Year Warranty.  Pack includes: Baintech 12V 95Ah Slimline Lithium Battery Baintech 12V 40A DC-DC Battery Charger   Baintech 12V 95Ah Slimline Lithium Battery: The light weight and slim-line battery is constructed using the latest generation prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells and an inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS). This slim-shaped battery is perfect for tight spaces in RVs, caravans and 4WDs, such as behind seats. The Slimline battery provides up to 100A of continuous discharge or charge and can be stacked in parallel to increase amp hour storage capacity. Charge and discharge via the grey Anderson plug and charge from a DC source via the blue Anderson plug. A strong aluminium enclosure delivers a safe, lightweight and powerful unit which is the perfect building block for next generation battery systems. Features: Internal 100A BMS Aluminium powder-coated enclosure 2x 50A grey Anderson connector Lightweight at just 11kg Connect in parallel: more capacity & power Designed and fully assembled in Australia Please note: The 110Ah model has been replaced by this 95Ah model   Baintech 12V 40A DC-DC Battery Charger: New to the Baintech range, the 40A DC-DC 3-stage battery charger for Flooded cell, Lithium and AGM/GEL chemistries. The BTDC40 is a powerful 40A charger within a compact and rugged unit, able to withstand high temperatures (up to 70°C). The BTDC40 is able to utilize up to 80A charging to the auxiliary battery using our new boost mode (Kit Sold Separately) and 40A when wired with a standard configuration. This is all still achieved in the same extremely compact package (373cm³) while still boasting all the features of a booster battery charger in a weather, dust, and vibration resistant package. Features: 3-stage 12V Booster Charger 40A max output (standard wiring) 80A max. with optional kit Selectable output voltages for lithium, sealed lead acid or vented lead acid Over current and temperature protected High efficiency (Typical >96%) Precise under voltage protection (No external isolator required) Remote charge status LED indicator Very low standby current:

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