Baintech Anderson Style Parallel Cable, 1 Year Warranty



Baintech Anderson Style Parallel Cable, 1 Year Warranty. The Baintech parallel grey Anderson style cable allows you to connect multiple power sources, including: dual batteries, solar, and 12V accessories Pair with the powertop Using the Baintech parallel cable with the Baintech PowerTop allows you to utilise power in and power out via the PowerTop’s grey Anderson output. For example: connect your fridge and regulated solar via the PowerTop’s grey Anderson socket or charge your Baintech PowerTop via Dc-Dc charging and run your fridge while on the move Parallel two powertops The double Anderson style lead can be used for paralleling two PowerTop’s together for double output. Features: • Designed for high draw appliances and 12V accessories such as fridges and air compressors • Offers a safe and secure connection to charge an auxiliary battery of a caravan or trailer • Extends length from your vehicle to your solar • No hassle – simple plug and play connection, colour coded to avoid wrong connection

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