Baintech Hand Brake Alarm 12V/24V, 2 Year Warranty



Baintech Hand Brake Alarm 12V/24V, 2 Year Warranty. The Baintech Hand Brake Alarm has been designed to work with both 12V/24V vehicles, acting on either a positive or negative handbrake and door switches. If the door is opened without the hand brake applied a latched alarm (both audible and visual) will go off and cannot be reset until the hand brake has been engaged. This function aids in reducing incidents of drivers exiting their vehicle without the hand brake engaged. There is a optional Auxiliary Alarm feed that can be used to drive a relay to activate the vehicles horn or similar external alarm device. Benefits: Soon to be mandatory on all logistic sites Connects door & hand brake Safe Easy to wire Both 12v/24v Audible and visual alarm  

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