Baintech Watt Meter and Power Analyzer, 2 Year Warranty



Baintech Watt Meter and Power Analyzer, 2 year warranty. The Baintech watt meter allows you to closely monitor how much charge your solar panels are producing. Simply plug your regulated solar source to the ‘source’ side of the watt meter, and your battery/load to the ‘Load’ Anderson connector. Once connected and power is flowing through, the watt mater will give you real time readings of: Current (Amps/A) Voltage (Volts/V) Power (Watts/W) Features: Operating Voltage: 4.8 – 60V DC Measures 0-150A The Watt Meter is designed for systems using less than 60 V and carrying currents up to 130A. Weight: 82g Display: 16X2 backlit LCD display

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