Bluebird Sod and Turf Cutter 18", 1 Year Warranty


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Bluebird Sod and Turf Cutter 18", 1 year warranty Where there is turf to remove, these Sod-turf Cutters will cut up the competition! A low center of gravity, and a vibration-isolated handle make it the smoothest and most stable to use. Standard Features: Simplified depth setting adjusts up to 2.5” (60mm) depth. 5 x Speeds (2 x Cut speeds, 2 x Transport, 1 x Reverse Soft grip rubber handle reduces vibration 4WD Operation for extra torque Up to 1404m²/hr – low speed productivity Up to 1822m²/hr – high speed productivity Strong steel frame Lightweight aluminum plate arms reduce vibration and feature maintenance-free ball bearings 10” semi-pneumatic v-tractor tread wheels Industry: Contractor DIY Hire and Rental Landscaper Ideal For: Hire and rental Contractors Councils Government departments

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