Bushman DC65X 12/24v Upright Fridge/Freezer 65L, 3 Year Warranty



Currently FREE with the Bushman DC65X 12/24v Upright Fridge/Freezer is an Bushman Upright Fridge Mounting Kit (RRP $99) This mounting kit gives a flush finish to the install of your Bushman Upright Fridge inside the cabinetry of your Recreational Vehicle Product Description: Bushman DC65X 12/24v Upright Fridge/Freezer 65L, 3 year warranty.  Our DC-X range of fridges are exceptionally high quality, low power and great value. Designed specifically for caravans, boats and RV’s, these fridges are beautifully designed and completed in a matt black finish. With a unique, deep and narrow freezer design, there’s plenty of room to stand up larger bottles. All the shelves are height adjustable and the large door balconies have stainless steel rails to stop items moving during transit. Features: 12V / 24V DC Operation 4L Freezer Interior LED light Adjustable shelves Reversible door Design: Extra low-power design A deeper freezer gives more storage space Can stand bottles up on the top shelf Large door shelves with rails Stainless steel freezer door Compressor: Secop Danfoss BD35 German designed and owned for over 50 years Powerful and Reliable Variable speed drive (2A – 4.5A) Average 1.0 Amp/hr over 24hrs (25º ambient, 4º fridge) Finish: Black Interchangeable front panel   User Tips: This fridge is designed to run from a 12V DC power source such as your Caravan/Camping battery bank. Running the fridge from a 12V power source will help with the longevity and performance of this fridge. Bushman recommends that when 240V power is available, use a smart battery charger to charge your battery bank and keep your fridge running direct from the batteries. You can see a suitable range of AC to DC smart battery chargers HERE if needed. A small number of customers may want to use this fridge in an ‘offgrid living’ setup and run the fridge from 240V AC power all of the time – in which case you will need a Power Adaptor to convert AC Power to DC in order to run the fridge. You can see this optional Bushman Adaptor HERE.  Note: The mounting frame does not cover the bottom 2 inches of the fridge. This enables customers to use a timber bead or kickboard.

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