Cromtech 4500w Inverter Generator Electric Start, 1 Year Warranty


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Included with the Cromtech 4500w Inverter Generator is a Multi-Function Power Pack! This power pack can be used as a jumpstarter for vehicles up to 2.4L, to charge your electronics via the USB outlets, a seatbelt cutter and LED torch! Product Description: Cromtech 4500w Inverter Generator Electric Start, 1 Year Warranty. The Cromtech Outback Inverter Generator 4.5kw is the perfect power source for your ‘home away from home’ while you are on the road camping, caravanning or in a motorhome. Also an excellent option for home power backup in the event of mains power outages.  This generator size hits the sweet spot for many domestic and recreational applications -> with 4500 watts it has significantly more power than many inverter generator models (that sit around 2000-3000watts) but remains impressively portable at under 40kg and with suitcase styled extendable handle for easy manoeuvrability. Features:  Pure sine wave technology allows safe running of laptops, mobile phones, televisions and other household appliances Removable multi-function power pack that is used as the generators start up battery and can be easily detached for use independently as a power bank to charge phones, use as a torch or even jump start a small vehicle Dust cover to keep your new piece of equipment protected while storing it Eco Switch allowing you to minimise consumption and allow up to 12 hours* use on seven litres of fuel Two power outlets (230V – single phase) with IP44 weather covers USB outlets (5V – 2AMP) DC Outlet (12V – 8AMP) Remote start or electric start making it easy to operate, even from up to 20m away Digital display (volts, Hz and hours) Eco switch adjusts output as load requires, lowering noise and fuel consumption Super quiet running at 55-60db at 7m Low oil alarm, overload alarm, output indicator Compact design with two wheels and a suitcase styled extendable handle Easy access service covers Accessories Included: Remote start push button Multi function power pack Dust cover Spark plug   Multi-Function Power Pack: Jump starter for vehicles up to a 2.4L, 4-cylinder engine USB outlets including a micro USB and a DC 12V Capacity 8000mAH Seatbelt cutter LED torch   *Note: Running time will vary depending on the load applied.

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