CTEK M100 12V 7A Battery Charger, 5 Year Warranty



The all in one marine charger and power supply Flexible charging The smart and flexible M100 is perfect for tough marine environments. The M100 8-step 12V battery charger and maintainer comes with a range of accessories for use with different types of battery. Its three selectable program modes make it suitable for use with 14-225Ah batteries and AGM batteries, and it can automatically detect whether your battery is near the end of its life. The M100 also has a Recond mode for reconditioning deeply discharged batteries and it can even be used as a 12V supply source, for example, if you need to remove the battery without losing your settings. Charges batteries between 14-150Ah and up to 225Ah for maintenance charging Optional cold weather/AGM mode Three programs – Normal, AGM and Recond Can also be used as a 12V power source to protect electrical settings Automatically detects end of life batteries Compact tough design Fully automatic 8 step charging for maximum performance and extended life Splash proof and dust proof (IP65) Safe spark free operation Short circuit proof Reverse polarity protection No harmful galvanic currents 5 years warranty SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS

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