CTEK MXT4.0 24V 4A Battery Charger, 2 Year Warranty



CTEK MXT4.0 24V 4A Battery Charger, 2 year warranty The flexible solution for vehicles and machinery Easy charging for 24V batteries The 8 step charger that’s ideal for smaller 24V batteries and maintenance charging for fleets with 24V vehicles. The MXT 4.0 is a cost effective 8 step charger that delivers 4A to 24V batteries from 8-100Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 250Ah. It can also be used in applications such as back-up systems, piste machinery, industrial cleaning machinery and wheelchairs. The MXT 4.0 features battery diagnosis to establish whether your battery can receive and retain a charge, a Recond mode for restoring and reconditioning stratified and deeply discharged batteries, an optimised cold charging mode and an AGM battery charging mode. The charger also has a ‘Supply’ mode so it can be used as a power source. Charges 24V batteries from 8-100Ah Patented maintenance charge for longer battery life Recond program Comes with Connect – Eyelet and Connect – Clamp connectors Splash and dust proof (IP65) Fully automatic ‘connect and forget’ 8 step charging Can be used as a power source Easy to read LED display Safe spark free operation Reverse polarity protected Short circuit proof 2-year warranty Technical information Input 220–240VAC, 50–60Hz, 1.2A max Output 28.8V/29.4V/31.4V, 4.0A max Start voltage 2.0V Back current drain* Corresponding to less than 1Ah/month Ambient temperature -20˚C to +50˚C Battery types All types of lead-acid batteries, 24V, WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, GEL Battery capacity 8–250Ah Warranty 2 years Net weight (unit with cables) 0.8 kg Insulation class IP65 Ripple** Less than 5% SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS

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