Darche Stainless Steel BBQ 310 Firepit


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The Darche Stainless Steel BBQ 310 is a revolutionary new design. It's perfect for use in your backyard or favourite camping spot, with the ability to cook your favourite meal or provide heat through the cooler nights. This Darche product is aimed for simplicity, with food-grade stainless steel construction aiding in the cleaning process after each use. Its flat-pack design helps for storage, with strong support to help you cook your favourite meal when setup fully.

The setup for the Darche Stainless Steel BBQ 310 is quite simple. 4 easy steps and your BBQ is ready to use! First, grab the BBQ body and unfold. Second, the body needs to be secured to the base. Each leg of the body can be attached to the base with the connected clips. Third, ensure that you insert the trivet into the body and finally, affix the grill to the top of the body. The grill itself has a few different heights on offer, so just ensure that you affix it to your desired height. Your desired height may be affected by the type of cooking that you're aiming to do.

Each of these BBQ's also comes with a convenient Carry Bag, so storing and transporting it is a breeze. When cooking, we'd recommend that the BBQ is filled with as much coal as possible, to ensure that heat is distributed evenly through the cooking process. Stoke the fire with further firewood as necessary. Overall, this Darche BBQ is a fantastic design, and it's certain to be one of your best investments yet.

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