Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner, 3 Year Warranty



Dometic Ibis 4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner, 3 Year Warranty. The Dometic Ibis 4 makes improvements on many of the industry-leading features of the highly sought-after Ibis Aircommand 3 and packages them in a more lightweight roof top unit. The new-generation compressor with inverter technology used in the Dometic Ibis 4 ensures that vibration is minimised, creating a more pleasant environment. In addition to this, the quiet environment that the Ibis 3 achieved has been replicated.  The inverter technology within the compressor also significantly reduces start up power requirements. This Ibis 4 model will start and run off a 2000w inverter generator.  The internal ADB has been redesigned, optimising airflow inside the vehicle. For the first time in an Ibis air conditioner, a turbo-mode fan speed has been included, which allows for rapid cooling inside the RV. In addition to the performance improvements from the Ibis 3, the Dometic Ibis 4 also features several refinements to the build of the rooftop unit. The shell of the rooftop unit has been redesigned with strong EPP materials to ensure a lightweight build. Weighing in at only 40 kg, the Dometic Ibis 4 is significantly lighter than its predecessor. The length and width have also seen significant reductions in size, resulting in a much more compact rooftop unit. The Dometic Ibis 4 has the option to be fitted to both 400 x 400 mm and 360 x 360 mm roof openings, a first for the Ibis series. Key Features:  Excellent cooling capacity of 2.6kW Four fan speeds, including a turbo speed for rapid cooling Extremely quiet cooling, even at maximum speed New generation variable speed compressor The dual-cylinder horizontal compressor reduces the level of vibration Optimised airflow means increased efficiency and reduced noise Auto mode allows the user to set the temperature and the unit will determine the relevant mode and fan speed Sleep mode reduces the fan and compressor speed for reduced noise Automatic display brightness Two Piece ADB means simplified assembly thanks to fewer parts Remote control operation and touch control Leightweight rooftop unit at only 40 kg due to use of EPP materials Suitable for both 400 x 400 mm and 360 x 360 mm roof openings Ultra thin design reduces towing drag and clearance requirements   Fitting and Install instructions come with the unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation. Note: The Dometic AirCommand Ibis MK3 is no longer available, the Dometic Ibis MK4 is the replacement model.    

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