Dometic MFV5M, 5 Litre MyFridge Mini Refrigerator/Cooler, 1 Year Warranty



Dometic MFV5M, 5 Litre MyFridge Mini Refrigerator/CoolerThis 5 l mini refrigerator is perfect for lovers of perfect coffee. Not only does the Dometic MF V5M look great with its ultra-modern apperance, but its thermoelectrics provide efficient milk cooling and heating options. The MF V5M cools up to 30˚C below the outside ambient temperature, or can even heat up to 65˚C. The lightweight and compact design is sure to please. Weighing in at only 3.7 kg, this is the perfect cooler to complement any benchtop coffee machine set-up. Key benefits Compact and lightweight modern design for easy transportation Small personal refrigerator for versatile use in kitchen, bar, terrace or garden Cooling capacity up to 30 °C below ambient temperature and heating capacity +65 °C (set point thermostat) The cooling device MFV5M is suitable for use as a milk cooler for coffee makers. Supply tubes for coffee makers can be fed through the holes in the sides of the device. Warranty: 1 year

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