Dometic PerfectRoof 2500 Box Awning, Manual 3.5 m / Grey Fabric, White Cassette, 1 Year Warranty



Dometic PerfectRoof 2500 Box Awning, Manual 3.5 m / Grey Horizon Fabric, White Cassette, 1 Year Warranty. For vehicles of 4.50 m and over, this is one of the most compact awning solutions you’ll find. With a patented locking system, it is lightweight yet incredibly robust and durable. High-Quality Roof Awning – Light and Robust: For vehicle lengths of 4.50 m and beyond there’s no lighter and more compact roof awning around than the Dometic PerfectRoof PR 2500. Available in lengths up to 4 m, with an extension up to 2.75 m. Its roof-mounted housing does not affect the vehicle’s aerodynamics. End caps made of 100 % aluminium make the awning extra-resistant to shock and impact. Patented locks on both sides of the front rail ensure perfect closing as well as additional safety while driving. The fast and smooth running gear is operated with a telescopic crank, which can easily be adapted to various vehicle heights. Alternatively, you can opt for a fully integrated motor (12 V) with manual override for emergency operation. The Bigger Picture: With the Dometic PerfectRoof PR 2500, your recreational vehicle is ready to go anywhere! The lightest awning on the market yet incredibly robust, this seam-free awning has an optimised housing design that does not affect your vehicle’s aerodynamics. Support legs are safely stored in Dometic’s patented Easy Lock Flipper system keeping the awning held up, allowing you to relax with peace of mind. Features: Optimised Housing Design: Minimal weight Patented Easy Lock: For hassle-free and safe fastening of the support legs Aluminium End Caps: Even better resistance to shock, impact and weather Telescopic Crank: For operation of the very smooth running gear Quick and easy to set up and adjust by one person The most lightweight awning on the market Patented Easy Flip Locking system securely holds support legs Aluminium end caps are resistant to rust, shock and impact For vehicle lengths of 3.5 m up to 5.5 m Made from a tough vinyl material with a transparent acrylic coating The optimised housing design does not affect the vehicle’s aerodynamics NOTE: Please see Product Manual below for Installation. INSTALLATION: Please be aware NOT to twist the ‘box’ – this will damage the awning if installed incorrectly. Advice an aftermarket installer for best result.

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