Dometic Portable Folding Solar Panel Kit 180w, 1 Year Warranty



Portable folding solar panel kit – 12 volt, 180 watt, 1 Year Warranty.┬áThe Dometic PS180A is a must-have for owners of portable fridges and other powered devices. The Dometic PS180A features highly efficient monocrystalline panels, which are more efficient in converting sunlight to usable energy and have a longer lifespan than other technologies. It has an inbuilt 20 A heavy duty voltage regulator and adjustable feet so that you can direct it towards the sun throughout the day. The Dometic PS180A also features a built-in battery temperature sensor, which measures the temperature of the battery and allows it to be safely charged, removing the risk of overcharging. The frame is constructed from strong aluminium and is built to perform in the harshest conditions. Key benefits: High performance monocrystalline silicon Battery temperature sensor 5 m lead with alligator clips and anderson plug connector Adjustable feet – for optimum angle to the sun Folds up easily and compact. Comes with protective carry bag 12 volt, 20 amp heavy duty regulator Warranty: 1 year

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