Dometic Waeco MPS-50A Cool Power 240 Volt Adaptor, 150W, 1 Year Warranty



Dometic Waeco MPS-50A 240 Volt Power Adaptor. For problem-free connection to 240 volt AC mains power. This adaptor is popular for when 240 Volt AC mains power is available and you want to run 12 / 24 Volt DC appliances. Simply connect this adaptor between the mains power outlet and your DC appliance – this allows you to use mains power when its available instead of using your DC battery power.   Input voltage 110 to 240 volts AC Output voltage 27 volts DC Continuous load 6 amps Output power 150 watts Dimensions (W x H x D) 120 x 70 x 200 mm Weight Approx. 1 kg Battery voltage 12/24 volts DC Popular for recreational vehicle fridge-freezers, and other 12/24V DC appliances Quality features: Switch mode, automatic priority for mainsoperation Over-current protection Short circuit protection *Important:  This adaptor cannot be used with 12Volt only fridges. Needs to be a 12/24V fridge. 

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