Dometic Waeco RAPS44 CoolPower 44Ah 12 volt deep cycle battery pack, 1 Year Warranty



Dometic WAECO COOLPOWER RAPS44 IS THE NEW LONG LASTING PORTABLE 12 VOLT BATTERY. The Dometic WAECO CoolPower RAPS44 portable heavy duty12 volt battery is the ideal choice for running a portablecompressor fridge/freezer for long periods of time. Like the RAPS36, the upgraded version RAPS44 is a genuine Dometic WAECO manufactured rugged deep cycleportable 12 volt battery pack with superior discharge/charging cycle capability and now with 44 amp hours. Specifically designed to run Dometic WAECO compressor fridge/freezers, it has the benefits of dual battery systems that are normally fitted permanently into cars, 4WD’s, trucks and boats, except that it is portable for added flexability and convenience. Designed for portability with an ergonomic handle, the CoolPower RAPS44 is easy to take camping and set up alongside the Dometic WAECO portable fridge/freezer anytime and anywhere. Genuine Dometic WAECO manufactured rugged deep-cycle battery with superior discharge/charging cycle capability. Features include cigarette and hella style sockets, digital volts display, empty and full LED lights at the press of a button, secure screw connection for your charging lead, + and – charging posts for easy connection to Dometic WAECO electronic chargers. The inside features genuine 44 Ah deep-cycle AGM battery cells, thick plates for reserve energy storing with high density active paste material and stronger acid than conventional car batteries for degradation resistance. These features allow for a longer life in deep-cycle applications, allowing you to run your fridge for longer without damaging the battery. The RAPS44 works best with portable fridges up to around 65 litres in size.  For larger requirements, two RAPS44 units can be purchased and cradled together with the RAPS72 Battery Craddle Kit (See Accessory List above). Quality Features: Cigarette and hella output sockets. Digital volts display. Battery condition LED’s/test button. Secure screw connection charging socket. 1.5 m charging lead. Maximum charging current: 14.4 amps  

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