Eclectic Energy DuoGen Short Tower 1.6m 12V Wind Generator, 2 year warranty


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Eclectic Energy DuoGen Short Tower 1.6m 12V Wind Generator, 2 year warranty.  Eclectic Energy Wind Generator РDuoGen is a combined wind and water generator with an integral tower and brackets. This allows it to be mounted on most yachts without the need to manufacture any additional hardware. During sailing, energy production is greater in water mode and the wind mode is effective when at anchor. At just over 6 knots of constant boat speed, the DuoGen operating in water mode will produce 200 amp-hours in a 12 volt system per day. This power will be almost double for an increase of 2 knots in boat speed. Features: Combined wind and water generator Low carbon cruising with DuoGen Powerful water generation on passage Quiet, smooth wind power at anchor System weight at deck level Changes from wind mode to water mode in seconds without the need for tools Easily installed with mount hardware supplied Elegant design Tough construction with corrosion resistant materials throughout Stainless steel mounting brackets Available in 12V and 24V models Self-furling protection in high winds Air rotor dismantles for easy stowage Rated output in water mode: 100W at 6kts; 150W at 7kts; 200W at 8kts Minimal drag in water mode, typical boat-speed loss is less than 0.15kts Rated output in wind mode: 40W at 10kts; 90W at 15kts; 150W at 20kts Optional Accessories: 337720 TB12V Regulator 12V incl. load resistors 337722 TB24V Regulator 24V incl. load resistors  

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