Enerdrive 120W Folding Solar Panel, 10 Amp Solar Controllor with kit, 5 Year warranty



Enerdrive 120W Folding Solar Panel Kit. Included in the kit is a 10amp Enerdrive Solar controller which is completely waterproof for your peace of mind if you do happen to leave the kit outside. Features Quality Mono-Crystalline solar panels with solid 35mm double channel aluminium frames Sturdy legs to provide you with the best angle for the panels to the sun 5 meters of easy plug and play battery leads A quality 10amp solar regulator with adjustable flooded or sealed type battery switch modes A strong, durable canvas bag with carry pouch for all accessories Locally supported 5 Year product warranty with spare parts on demand On an average day, you can expect approximately the following amperage into your battery: Average daily sun hours : 5.5 hrs Average daily current to battery : Approx 25 amp hours Anticipated run time for a typical 50 Litre portable camp fridge (assuming 50% depth of discharge to your 100 amp hour battery) : Up to 2 days Test Conditions : 1000W/m² , AM1.5 , 25°C To choose a Solar Charge Controller for your Enerdrive Solar Panel, click here.

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