Evakool E047, 47 Litre Fibreglass Icebox, 5 Year Warranty



Currently FREE with the Evakool E047, 47 Litre Fibreglass Icebox is an Evakool Fibreglass Tray Insert (bonus item only while stocks last): Product Description: Evakool E047, 47 Litre Fibreglass Icebox, 5yr warranty. Evakool’s fibreglass iceboxes are a unique combination of quality, durability and performance. The Evakool fibreglass iceboxes are specifically designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. Featuring their legendary insulation Evakool Iceboxes can store ice up to 15 days (dependant on size of icebox, quantity and quality of ice and ambient temperature). Combine this legandary performance with a full fibreglass cabinet with quality fittings and you have the perfect solution to beat the heat. Evakool iceboxes are ideal for family picnics, the beach, parties, camping and boating. WHY CHOOSE EVAKOOL FIBREGLASS ICEBOXES? Can keep ice for up to 15 Days (dependant on size of icebox, quantity and quality of ice and ambient temperature) Designed for Australian conditions Available in a large range of sizes Handmade with care and attention Quality Fittings Easy to use latches Handles can be used as tie down points Optional removable food tray CABINET FEATURES: White, high gloss fibreglass Superior refrigeration quality insulation Smooth walls, hygienic and easy to clean Will not absorb food tastes or odours Drainage bung Lightweight but sturdy Will not dent, rust or corrode Protective corner feet 

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