Evakool Platinum 95 Litre 12/24 Volt Fridge – Silver, 2 Year Warranty



Currently FREE with the Evakool Platinum 95L Upright Fridge is an Evakool Installation Frame! (RRP $109!)   Aluminium mounting kit to suit Evakool upright fridge / freezers. This kit is designed to neatly secure your fridge in your vehicle or caravan.  This is a 4 piece kit: 2 side pieces & 2 top pieces (left/right hand hinge) Kit is the full height and width of the fridge and comes out 25mm each side and 25mm on top.  Product Description: Evakool Platinum 95 Litre 12/24 Volt Fridge – Silver, 2 Year Warranty. Evakool’s Platinum Series is a stylish, upright fridge/freezers which has been designed by drawing on Evakool’s years of experience and extensive knowledge of 12 volt refrigeration. Evakool has developed a range of upright fridge/freezers specially designed to provide maximum cooling capacity in our harsh Australian environment. Features: Secop Compressor Reliable electronics, high efficiency, low energy consumption Lockable door for travel Separate freezer compartment Operates in ambient temperatures of 10C to 43C in the motor compartment Low Ambient Heater: In low ambient temperatures 12C and under, there is not enough heat in the air to cycle the fridge back on, so a heater is needed to assist this to happen. This operation draws as little as o.42A/Hr. The heater is controlled electronically, so during the colder months the fridge senses when it is needed and activates this function. Cabinet Features: Metal cabinet Satin black finish Insulated walls up to 65mm thick (freezer) Reversible doors Metal door latch Smooth internal walls, hygienic and easy to clean Interior light Wire shelves Vegetable/fruit crisper Door shelves Compressor Features: Secop compressor Quiet, reliable, efficient operation Low voltage protection External mounted condenser for improved performance Will operate on angles up to 30C degrees Self diagnostic fault system Easy to use controls Automatic reverse polarity protection This refrigerator is not a frost-free fridge and does not operate like the fridge you would have at home. As such, this fridge will on occasion have frost build up around the freezer and the back wall. It is recommended that you regularly defrost your fridge regularly (every 1 to 3 month) for optimal performance. Power Consumption: At 32ºC (measured over a 24 hour period) and on setting 2. 2.0 to 2.5 A/Hr Please note power consumption can be affected by multiple factors, including, but not limited to: power supply to fridge, ventilation, temperature of goods inside fridge, how often fridge is opened, ambient temperature and more.

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