Fischer Panda 10000i 10kVA Diesel Inverter Generator, 1 Year Warranty


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Fischer Panda 10000i 10kVA Diesel Inverter Generator, 1 Year Warranty. Fischer Panda iSeries generators are characterised by their environmentally friendly inverter technology. The electric load is provided with a constant output voltage of 230 V /  50  Hz or 120 V /  60 Hz via an inverter. The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the changing power requirements while the output voltage always remains constant from the inverter. Variable speed control considerably reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption in comparison with a traditional fixed-speed generator. The maximum speed of the engine is 2800 rpm. A clean sine wave with exceptional voltage, frequency stability and low noise are just some of the additional benefits. Variable speed – load-dependent Small size and low weight – compact installation Highly efficient – maximum energy 230 V AC output – reliable power supply Pure sinus wave is ideal for computers and communications High starting capacity for air conditioners and pumps Easy to install – lower costs Environmentally friendly – lower fuel consumption Suited for stationary applications – energy for off-grid homes and remote locations “Parallel” iSeries – the powerful solution for even more comfort and safety The iSeries generators are available as “Parallel” versions. When weight distribution is critical, two smaller iSeries “Parallel” generators can be installed instead of a single larger generator. Their combined power can provide the same performance Simple parallel connection of two outputs – a parallel cabinet is not required. Parallel connection of multiple iSeries “Parallel” generators of different types. Both generator systems are fully independent from another. Each has its owncontroller, inverter and panel. They can be individually operated. Specially designed inverter for parallel operation Parallel inverters are synchronised internally (no additional cables required). Load-Sharing: both generators are equally loaded when operating in parallel. Some applications may benefit from weight distribution with two smaller generators.  

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