Golz 250mm Tile Saw, 1 Year Warranty


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Golz 250mm Tile Saw, 1 year warranty The TS250 250mm Golz Tile Saw can cut to a 65mm depth and 980mm in length, it is water cooled and can do up to 45° angled cutting. Built for the professional tile cutters, this tile saw is compact, water cooled and made of steel and aluminum construction. Features Water cooled cutting blade Adjustable tilt saw head & rail to cut 90° & 45° Adjustable cutting length Removable water tub, cutting table for easy cleaning Removable blade guard for easy blade changes Foldable legs for transport and storage Rear wheels for transport onsite 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty Comes with 250mm blade Industry Building Construction Contractor DIY Hire and Rental Ideal For: Hire and rental Tilers Construction DIY

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