Hyundai HY6500SEi, 6500w Inverter Generator, 1 Year Warranty


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Hyundai HY6500SEi, 6500w Inverter Generator, 1 Year Warranty. Hyundai HY6500SEi generator set with petrol engine is designed to work when you need it most; home back up power, remote living, small business use, mobile catering / coffee carts, larger recreational requirements and more. It is a high performance machine to which any use can be applied, including professional tools, dometic appliances and more delicate electronic devices. It is used in camping places where there is no connection to the electrical network, reforms, nautical, motorhomes, energy source for country houses and pumps for wells. It’s high power makes it the ideal complement for professionals who need a portable power source and guarantees to work with high performance. This unit can also be used as a complement to off grid solar systems in times of energy deficit which can happen in long periods of bad weather, or extraordinary situations of high energy consumption.  Included in the pack: 2 Remote Start Keys 2 Manual Start Keys 12V DC Charging Cable Spark Plug Spanner Oil Filler Jug Screwdriver Features: 6500 Watt Maximum Output Recoil and Electric Starting with key FOB Remote 18.5 Litre Fuel Tank Capacity 1 Year Warranty

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