IRONMAN 4X4 BULLBARS – Pajero NW 2011+ Commercial Bar



DescriptionWe’re giving Mitsubishi owners a bit of love with the range of Ironman 4×4 bull bars for the NW Pajero Designed from the ground up after being 3D scanned in Melboure, Australia, the bull bars for the NW Pajero improve approach angle, frontal protection and aesthetics!The NW Pajero bull bar was designed around the curves and shape of the vehicle The 3D scan allows precision design for best possible fit combined with the much needed improved approach angle, these bull bars inject a bit of toughness into the look of the NW Pajero All Ironman 4×4 bull bars are designed to be Winch, ADR and airbag compatible and the NW Pajero is no exception Ironman 4×4 have designed the NW Pajero bull bar to ensure added frontal protection For this reason we’ve added under bull bar plates to provide protection from in front andunder the vehicle, especially the otherwise venerable intercooler and radiator!

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