IRONMAN 4X4 BULLBARS – Triton MQ Aluminium Bull Bar



DescriptionIronman 4×4 Mitsubishi Triton MQ Aluminum Bull Bar is a no compromise product, providing strength and protection with a significant weight saving over equivalent Steel Bars Using the highest strength alloy available, 5052 Aluminum, Ironman 4×4 then beefed up the material thickness, the bar itself is 5mm, the triple loop top tubes are 3mm and the mounting plates a beefy 8mm Ironman 4×4 has retained their steel mounting bracket for attaching the bar to the vehicle and will retain their winch and airbag compatibility All of this additional material still comes at a significant weight saving, being 35% lighter than the equivalent steel bar This weight saving has many great benefits including assisting keeping the vehicle under GVM and minimizing the load on the front suspension, improving the ride quality of the vehicle

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