IRONMAN 4X4 SUSPENSION – Patrol GU S4+ Rear Adjustable Upper Trailing Arm



DescriptionTrailing arms are some of the most exposed suspension components on a lifted 4×4 and are prone to bending and breaking Ironman 4×4 has resolved this common problem by producing heavy duty ADR approved, adjustable upper trailing arms Providing radically stronger arms that can also correct driveline and pinion angles, the control arms feature over 5” of adjustment to suit a range of lifts and applications The arms are on-vehicle adjustable, providing ease of adjustment once on the vehicle to ensure diff alignment is spot on!Oh and did we mention they were tough? Featuring a solid 32mm centre, 60% increase in the thickness of the eyes surrounding the bushes and deeper penetrating welds to ensure maximum strength and structural integrity •SpecificationsQuantity Required2Package DetailsEachFittingInstruction Sheet UTA_LTA Parts PDF191 KB

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