Kubota 12kva Single Phase Diesel Generator J112, 2 Year Warranty



The Kubota J112, 12 kVA Diesel Generator has advanced design and superior engineering minimise both space and weight to ensure that it will fit in most any place you wish to put it.  High Output: The Vertical Diesel Engines directly coupled to a two pole generator ensures high output at minimal size and weight. Skewed Rotor: The wave form deformation is kept to a minimum with the development of a skewed rotor while damper windings protect the generator during a short circuit. Large Fuel Tank: The larger capacity fuel tank enables longer periods of operation on a single tank of fuel. Enhanced Transportability: A single point lifting eyelet and fork lift openings enhance the series transportability. Access Terminals for AMF: New access terminals are provided for easy wiring with the auto start / stop systems. Easy Maintenance: Oil, water and filters are located on one side for ease of maintenance and a double air cleaner element adds extra piece of mind.

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