Kubota 33kva Three Phase Diesel Generator KJ-T300, 2 Year Warranty


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The Kubota KJ-T300, 33 kVA Diesel Generator provide a much quieter, efficient and long service life generator where you need safe and economical electrical power. Cleaner Power: The V3 series engines used in the KJ series incorporate the TVCS combustion system which improves air/fuel mixture, resulting in cleaner emissions. Dependable Power: The brushless, self exciting type alternator is designed to deliver high quality power. Quieter Power: Sound levels at full load and no load are minimised due to the World renowned Kubota Technology. Increased Safety: The engine is protected against any abnormalities within the oil or cooling systems and all rotating parts are enclosed in a sturdy enclosure. Simple Maintenance: Oil, water and filters are located on one side for ease of maintenance.

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