Luci Pro Solar String Lights


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A new innovation by Luci, these Solar String Lights are super versatile, allowing you to add light and ambience to any situation with their 20 warm, dual directional LEDs. Great for around your house, camping, glamping, parties, decor and more.

With an in-built solar panel, you are ready to harness the power of the sun to power your lights or by using the USB port to give your mobile device a bit of a boost when you need it most. Another plug allows you to give your Solar String Lights a quick charge through a traditional 240V outlet giving you maximum versatility.

With two uniquely-designed clips make hanging the 18 feet long nylon-braided cord easy in any situation.

Instructions for Luci Solar String Lights:

1. Charge: place in direct sunlight, solar panel side up, or plug into the USB power adapter

2. Open: Twist to unlock, the spring-loaded bottom will open.

3. Unwind: Unravel string lights to the desired length and hang in a chosen location using the two included clips located on the string.

4. Light her up! Push the button to turn ON, push again to rotate through light modes.

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