Mastervolt Mass Sine Wave 5000w 24v Inverter, 2 Year Warranty



Mastervolt Mass Sine Wave 5000w 24v Inverter, 2 year warranty. Mastervolt Sine Wave Inverters – AC Master & Mass Sine. An onboard AC installation offers you a wealth of benefits by making possible the use of any domestic appliance, from microwave oven to hair dryer, DVD player to power tools. An inverter allows you to easily convert the voltage of your 12V or 24V battery to 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz, so you enjoy all the comforts of home wherever you choose to cruise.  Complete range Mastervolt offers a complete range of inverters from 300 Watt to 15kWatt in AC Master and Mass Sine models. The AC Master is ideal for small and medium sized vessels, while Mass Sine inverters are mainly intended for larger systems on superyachts and for (semi) professional purposes. Mastervolt offers inverters for 230V/50Hz as well as 120V/60Hz (American voltage). Proven technology Mastervolt’s Mass Sine sine wave inverters have proven themselves in the most extreme conditions for over ten years. Although the dimensions and connections of the various models have remained the same, the technology has evolved with the times, resulting in a fast, efficient, one-on-one replacement with minimal downtime. The Mastervolt AC Master inverters are small, lightweight and silent. Installation and operation are incredibly easy. Completely independent on shore power Shore power regularly fluctuates and can cause your lights to flicker. Sometimes it may even drop below 180 volt, causing some onboard devices to stop functioning. The Mastervolt sine wave inverter ensures a perfect 230 volt onboard, and makes shore power problems a thing of the past. The pure sine wave current also helps protect your equipment against failures, humming or lines on your TV and ensure a longer lifespan. Ensure you have the correct match between your inverter power and the connected load. An end to humming with HF technology Our use of high-frequency switch technology means you can say goodbye to humming transformers. Mastervolt inverters are also small and lightweight to ensure easy installation. High peak power during start up The Mastervolt sine wave inverter can provide up to 200% capacity to equipment that requires extra power during start up. Simple and safe to connect The inverters benefit from robust connection technology with internal connections for the larger models and a cable and plug and play inlet for smaller models. Efficient use of batteries A high degree of efficiency when inverting and the automatic economy mode when there is no consumption gives you longer use of your batteries and more hours on the water. MasterBus compatible All ChargeMaster and Mass battery chargers can be easily connected to a MasterBus network with only one cable and one connection. What’s more, you have the option for central, local or remote monitoring, configuration and control of your system. Optimal ease of operation Mastervolt’s Mass Sine inverters are easy to operate via controls on the device, via a control panel or remote control text messaging. Plus numerous options for central or local control and monitoring via the MasterBus platform.

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