Maxtrax Mini Recovery Tracks – Safety Orange


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If you have too much camping gear to fit into your 4WD, these Maxtrax Mini Recovery Tracks – Safety Orange is a perfect substitute for the standard Maxtrax design. Coming in at only 60% of the length of their predecessors, the Mini Maxtrax are incredibly simple to store. Ideal for ATV's, SUV's or 4WD'a, each set includes 2 Recovery Tracks and 2 orange Tell Tale leashes, helping you to find the Recovery Track should it be buried.

Getting out of a sticky situation is made quite simple with these Maxtrax Mini's. The aggressive cleats on each Recovery Track are designed to sink its teeth into the tire tread, enabling your vehicle to pull itself out of the mud. Each Maxtrax is manufactured from super tough, engineering-grade nylon sourced from Australia. UV-Stabilised, the colour is cosmetically designed to reduce fading, helping each track to retain the glorious colour.

Every single track weighs a meagre 2.3kg, and the scoop on each end allows the user to dig up as much dirt, mud or sand as required. On each end of the Maxtrax Mini are keyhole accessory points. By using the MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set (sold separately), you can directly mount the Maxtrax Mini to your vehicle.

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