MaxWatt 2500W Petrol Inverter Generator, 2 Year Warranty



MaxWatt 2500W Petrol Inverter Generator, 2 Year Warranty. Maxwatt· digital inverter generators offer the best in portable power while being light to carry, fuel efficient and super silent. Besides the electrical output being able to power all sensitive electronic equipment, MaxWatt  generators are also an essential part of recreational caravanning and camping AND also useful for home use as a backup power supply.  Parallel Cable: Double your power by connecting two Maxwatt inverter generators in parallel without any additional purchase as they come fully fitted with parallel functionality as well as the connection cable! Each MaxWatt Inverter Generator includes a parallel cable. You can connect the MX2000iS, MX2000iY or the MX4000iS with the parallel cable.  MX2000iS:  Rated Output: 1.6kW Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 2.88kW MX2000iY: Rated Output: 1.6kW Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 2.88kW MX2500iS: Rated Output: 2.2kW Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 4.0kW MX3000iY: Rated Output: 2.8kW Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 5.10kW MX4000iS: Rated Output: 3.5kW Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 6.3kW Standard Features: 2500 Starting Watts /2200 Running Watts. 98 cc Petrol Engine. Parallel Ready with no parallel box required. 2 x 15 Amp IP44 weatherproof outlets. Digital Display indicating Voltage, Frequency, Total Running Hours. 5V 2.1 Amp USB Outlet. 4 L Fuel Tank Capacity. 5 Hours Run time at 50% load or 3 hours at 100% load. 63 db Noise Level at 75% Load. Recoil Starting Method. 2 Year Maxwatt· Warranty. Additional Features and Benefits: Digital Inverter Technology Pure sine wave inverter technology Parallel connection cable included No parallel box required Low Noise at 63DB 2.1 AMP USB Output Economy Low Idle Setting Smart Engine Control that reduces engine speed, depending on size of the load for better fuel efficiency. 2500W maximum output is one of the highest in its class that enables it to efficiently power up multiple electrical devices. Lightweight and portable at only 23.5kgs. It has a non-slip and ergonomically designed handle. The running time at 5 hrs at 50% load and 3 hrs at 100% load is achieved with the help of a 4 litre fuel tank. The pure sine wave technology not only safely powers sensitive equipment, it is also compliant with Australian EPA emission controls. It is a no fuss generator that is simply plug in and use – no assembly required. MaxWatt offer a 2 year warranty to safeguard your investment.

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