Milenco 12V Caravan Remote Alarm, 1 Year Warranty



Milenco 12V Caravan Remote Alarm, 1 Year Warranty. At last, a premium automotive standard, remote operation commercial van, caravan and motorhome Alarm that is both simple to fit and highly effective in operation. Fitting is simply attaching two wires to a 12v power source. Located in the van cargo area or the caravan habitation area, simply activate the alarm with the supplied wireless remote for shock, movement and impact protection. Also features a Panic Feature, just press the lock button on the remote for 5 seconds and the siren will sound for 30 seconds and LED will flash. Supplied with a CODE HOPPING transmitter, each time it is pressed it will randomly transmit a different code. This prevents thieves from using a ‘code grabber’ from copying and re-transmitting the code to disarm the alarm system. This ultra high decibel alarm offers the ultimate theft protection for your van along with years of reliable service.

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