Milenco Columbia Caravan Door H1750 mm LH black/black , 1 Year Warranty



Milenco Columbia Caravan Door H1750 mm LH black/black, 1 Year Warranty. Feel safer on your next adventure with the Columbia door, an attractive caravan entrance door built with safety in mind. This is a left hand hinge door Рit opens from the right with the hinge located on the left. Features Four-point locking system Highly resistant safety mesh Lightweight synthetic door frame Permanent ventilation through the vented door Large and robust handles The Milenco Columbia entrance door ensures safety when living a mobile with a number of built-in safety features. The heavy-duty safety mesh has been tested to resist up to 180J of impact while letting in fresh air from outside. The secure four-point locking system ensures that intruders are kept out. The Columbia door provides excellent air circulation for recreational vehicles that is in accordance with LPG installation requirements. Capped off with a modern design available in black and white, the Columbia door is an excellent choice for most recreational vehicles.

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