Milenco Grand Falcon Mirror Twin Pack Convex, 1 Year Warranty



Milenco Grand Falcon Mirror Twin Pack Convex, 1 Year Warranty.┬áThe Grand Falcon Mirror offers a new design utilising a similar operation as the Milenco Grand Aero Mirror, but with using only a single thumb screw on each clamp for quick and easy fitting with a larger head, giving maximum field of view. Typically the larger field of view will show the roof, down to the wheels on the towed caravan/trailer. These are very High Quality Mirrors, engineered and designed to give the consumer a high quality alternative to market leading Grand Aero 3 Mirrors. Fitting is extremely simple with a single screw that clamps both the car mirror and the arm at the same time. All screws are stainless steel running in brass thread, these mirrors have perfect view adjustment, efficient and aero dynamic head, easy to grip thumb wheels and Milenco’s unique air balanced design to stop vibration.

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