Milenco T1 Mini Level Pair, 1 Year Warranty



Milenco T1 Mini Level Pair, 1.9 kg per level, 1250 kg capacity per wheel max (2500kg total). The T1 and T2 levels are new to the market and join the Milenco Quattro and Milenco Triple Level. Unlike conventional levels, Milenco levels possess a lightweight and intelligent design ensuring a user friendly experience every time.Featuring 50% base surface area and 50% top surface area, the Milenco levels are ideal to use on softer grounds or sand. Extra wide and heavy duty, The Milenco level range has incorporated a lattice and high-grip upper tread surface. Pocketing the wheel at every height, the Milenco levels eliminate the need to use chocks, making levelling your caravan a breeze. Features: 1 year warranty.  Extra wide.  Heavy duty.  High grip on the upper tread surface.  Each level weights only 1.9kg.  Each level has a capacity of 1250kg (2500kg total). 

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