Minn Kota Freshwater Transom Mount Electric Motor – Endura Max 55lb thrust 42inch, 2 Year Warranty



Minn Kota Freshwater Transom Mount Electric Motor – Endura Max 55lb thrust 42inch, 2 year warranty.   With the all new Endura Max™, the day isn’t over until you say it’s over. The power of Digital Maximizer™ keeps you out on the water up to five times longer on a single charge. Digital Maximizer™ – Delivers up to five times more running time on a single battery charge. Stay out longer, stronger Indestructible Composite Shaft – Stronger than steel. Flexes on impact, will not break, kink or corrode. Guaranteed for life Weedless Wedge™ 2 – The only true 100% weedless prop. Patented swept back design pushes weeds away without draining valuable power. Standard on Endura Max™ 55 Power Prop – Delivers extra power for greater acceleration. Standard on Endura Max™ 40 Telescoping Twist Tiller Control – Tiller telescopes out up to 150mm with infinite variable speed Transom Bracket – Twice as strong as conventional brackets. Composite materials resist flexing, warping and U.V. damage Lever Lock – For simple tilt position adjustment Digital Maximizer™ Stay on the water longer with Digital Maximizer™. Instead of wasting energy with a constant flow of power, Digital Maximizer™ delivers only what’s needed: a precise amount of power at any setting. Along with variable speed control that optimises draw to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat. Lever Lock Bracket This solid 10-position bracket features a quick-release lever lock and reinforced composite material that resists flexing, warping and U.V. damage. Battery Meter Endura Max™ keeps you on the water longer. And if you want to know exactly how much longer you’ve got, use this convenient battery gauge. Accessories: 603028 Power prop t/s Endura Max™ 40 603041 Weedless Wedge™ propeller t/s Endura Max™ 55 603052 Propeller nut kit 3⁄8" MKP9 t/s all Endura Max™ motors 607392 Sheer pin t/s all Endura Max™ motors 607031 Anode t/s all Endura Max™ motors

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