Pramac 110kVA Three Phase Perkins Diesel Generator, Rental Specs, 1 Year Warranty


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Pramac 110kVA Three Phase Perkins Diesel Generator, Rental Specs, 1 Year Warranty. Generator engineered and designed to work in a wide variety of applications where temporary power supply is needed. Versatility, high efficiency, high structural resistance, high degree of protection and low noise emissions together with easy-to use and easy access for maintenance make these generator sets the ideal solution for Rental companies. ACP – Automatic Control Panel Mounted on the genset, complete with digital control unit (AC-03) for monitoring, control and protection of the generating set, protected through doors with lockable handle. Long Lasting Made of zinc-plated sheet metal Panels – 2mm thickness The base frame is treated with a special paint (primer + paint) to ensure a longer life Washable: The soundproof material is washable Protection: the roof has bumpers to ensure protection while transporting and stocking. Optional feature for the baseframe. The use of alternator with high protection decreases the possibility of machine downtime and/or deterioration of a critical component like alternator. High level protection: Mechanical Part: "0" water entry during genset running Electrical Parts: IP degree comparable to IP54 Easy & Fast Service & Maintenance Large doors: On three sides with double lateral doors The large fuel tanks with autonomies from 18 to ensure an autonomy from 20 to more than 30h allow reduce the service trip to genset for refueling purposes. Docs Holder: Box internal for documents, manuals and electrical drawings Supplement ICL: Internal Canopy Lighting system with manual switch for easy operation even with low ambient light conditions Supplements WSP- HDF: Optional additions – Water Separator Filter, Heavy-Duty air Filters makes it possible to enlarge service intervals and reduce the operational cost for servicing. Easy & Fast Installation & Commissioning Baseframe: Anchor points, forklift pockets, pull bars on each side, single lifting point which allows a fast and safe operations for genset loading, unloading, handling and installation. Fuel Tank: Diameters: 60mm & 100mm Double refilling neck – one on each side Battery switch, 6-way fuel valve and earth rod plus grounding cable together allow a fast commissioning of the genset Control Panel: Designed to ensure a easy and fast control of the machine from a single interface area

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