Pramac 45.7kVA Three Phase Yanmar Diesel Generator, Rental Ready, 1 Year Warranty


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Pramac 45.7kVA Three Phase Yanmar Diesel Generator, Rental Ready, 1 Year Warranty. The design of the GPW series offers a high degree of versatility and allows for the most suitable configuration to be achieved according to real operational needs: local regulations, site specs, application and usage. The GPW’s core design and its wide list of modules make the generator adaptable to several specific needs: Multiple solutions for power output/distribution → bus bar, sockets, power lock Canopy and base frame features guarantee easy handling General arrangement and large service access make for simple and efficient maintenance tasks Extended options list to enhance the genset safety, security and protection levels according to ambient/site conditions and specific regulation The GPW series guarantees high quality standards and reliability with a specific design suitable for mobile applications. The modular design allows high flexibility on scope of supply, with a wide range of mechanical and electrical options. It is available in Silent and Extra Silent version, to satisfy global requirements and specific local needs. Designed for mobile application: a basic core configuration is compatible with a wide list of modules, able to cover a large variety of requirements based on specific customer needs, final purpose and local regulations. Features: Easy handling and transport: Overall dimensions designed to optimize load space in a container and on a truck. A single roof lifting point and additional four lifting points located in the baseframe allow the genset to be moved by crane. Bolted feet also allow for the genset to be manoeuvred by a forklift. A galvanized skid base with forklift pockets is also available as option Several fuel tank sizes available:  Three fuel tank options available with different levels of autonomy, in polyethylene and metal: 8h, 12h, 24h Easy service and maintenance:  Designed for easy ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Three large doors allow access to all service points. Detachable battery access panel for quick starter battery service Cutting edge control panel:  Complete segregation between control and power sections, by means of two separate metal cabinets. Control and power sections able to house digital/analogue instrumentation and robust busbar. Modular design allows for high flexibility of the scope of supply Socket panel:  Sockets panel positioned in the frontal side and separated from the control/power cabinets with high flexibility on sockets combination. Ideal for easy and fast power connection High Protection: Designed to guarantee high safety standards for the operator. Weatherproof enclosure with high protection against water and dust ingress, thanks to special metal air inlet. Key lockable doors avoid unauthorized access Applications: GPW gensets are designed for mobile applications such as construction, sport and recreation, events, industry and in work places where temporary power is required Supplements Included: Battery Manual Battery Switch External Terminal Board Automatic Control Panel Quick Fit Fuel Connectors Water Separator Filter – RACOR Heavy-Duty Air Filter Galvanised Skid Base Metal Fuel Tank Please see the table below for a comparison between the GPW and GRW Series.   GPW Series GRW Series Outlets Smaller models come standard with outlet configuration Smaller models come standard with outlet configuration Suitable for? The GPW series is designed to be more suitable for mobile application, making it a great option for events and sites that require large amount of temporary power Suitable for temporary power; slightly more robust and heavy Sound Levels All units are equipped with a silenced canopy All units are equipped with a silenced canopy Key Features Features are more suitable for mobile application Increased flexibility and variety of equipment in order to reduce price of standard unit Long lasting Easy and fast service and maintenance Easy and fast installation and commissioning Alternator / Engine Brands Alternator: Mecc Alte A10-C30: Perkins C20-C30: Scania B25-C30: Volvo A10:A18: Yanmar Engine Brands: 22Y050Y: Yanmar 67P-210P: Perkins 200V-565V: Volvo Power Range Covers a power range from 10kVA up to 820kVA Covers a power range from 20kVA up to 560kVA Overall Thoughts This series takes the reliability and ease of setup, and adds features to make the unit more suitable for mobile application. They are supplied using high quality materials, including the engine and alternator brands. The GPW series also is more customisable, making it more available to suit specific needs This series aims to provide a robust and solid unit that can be used for rentals, as it is equipped for temporary power. They are supplied using high quality materials, including the engine and alternator brands.  

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