Pramac Honda 13.9kVA Three Phase Petrol Silenced Generator, Electric Start, 1 Year Warranty


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Pramac Honda 11.9kVA 3 Phase AVR Petrol Silenced Generator with Auto Start capability. The P12000 with a 3 Year Honda Australia Engine Warranty operates at extremely low noise levels (61dBA), making it the ideal generator for use in residential areas or outside normal working hours. Built in Europe, this unit is equipped with a genuine Honda GX630, first class components and complete instrumentation. It is popular for backup to off-grid solar systems or backup to mains power; 1) Backup to Mains Power:  For backup power to your home/building when there is a mains power blackout, this generator requires an Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel (see Accessories List above to add to your order). This panel is also referred to as an ‘Automatic Transfer Switch’. This AMF detects when there is a mains power failure, and signals to the generator to automatically start up to restore power to your home/building. Conversely, as soon as the AMF detects mains power returns, it stops the generator. A qualified electrician is required to undertake the install and connection. ACCESSORY: AUTOMATIC MAINS FAILURE PANEL REQUIRED FOR MAINS POWER BACKUP  CLICK HERE for the 2 Wire Generator Bundle The P12000 is equipped with a control panel that allows you to integrate the above accessory depending on your backup power requirement. The generator comes a twelve-month warranty backed by a national service network for your maintenance needs. Other optional accessories also include Wheel-Handle kit and Remote Start Kit.           CLICK HERE FOR WIRING DIAGRAM

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