Pramac Yanmar 5.9kVA Diesel Generator + 2 Wire Controller, Auto Start, 1 Year Warranty


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Pramac Yanmar 5.9kVA Diesel Generator with 2 Wire Controller Auto Start capability for solar backup power. The Pramac S6500 is strongly built auto start generator designed for domestic or small business backup. Powered by a highly reliable Yanmar diesel engine, with a 24 litre fuel tank which provides 16 hours run time at 75% load.  The unit produces a maximum power of 6.5kVA and a continuous output of 4300 watts. This generator is used for backup to off-grid solar systems. PRIMARY APPLICATION FOR THIS GENERATOR: 1) Backup to Off-Grid Solar: For backup power to off-grid solar systems, this generator requires a Pramac 2 Wire Auto Start Controller – supplied with generator package. This controller connects between your Pramac generator and your solar system for automatic charging of your solar batteries when battery charge is low. A qualified solar installer / electrician is required to undertake the install and connection. Click on below image for a video demonstration: ACCESSORY: 2 WIRE AUTO START CONTROLLER REQUIRED FOR SOLAR SYSTEM BACKUP   Overall, the Pramac S6500 is a popular no-fuss, affordable, tough generator for backup power requirements and is supported by a national service agent network.         CLICK HERE FOR WIRING DIAGRAM

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